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Sound Byte
14 March
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Witty Bio Goes Here.

The basics:

methirtysomething who has a job of Telling People What To Do in the IT data networking arena, has the cutest dog ever, reads a lot, muddles around with religion, and plays way too much poker even though she lacks a cool nickname (although she is known as "the girl" in the poker room).

Entries are mostly friends only, just because I'm feeling more private than I used to.

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alias, anne bishop, autumn, backrubs, baking, barbeques, barenaked ladies, blur, board games, bodeans, books, brightly colored toenails, brownies, brunching shuttlecocks, bubble baths, bubbles, c. s. friedman, caffeine, camping, candles, canoeing, card games, caribou coffee, cats, chicago, chicken run, chinese food, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon swirl lattes, clerks, cloves, cooking, cuddling, cursillo, daffodils, dancing, dayna manning, depeche mode, dry wit, elmo, erasure, euchre, fall leaves, flannel pants, fountain pens, fresca, friends, fuzzy sweaters, get fuzzy, get shorty, ginger-lime body cream, happy things, harry potter, hugh jackman, hugs, humor, ice cream, illini, impishness, indigo girls, iron chef, john mayer, kevin spacey, key lime luna bars, laughing, laughter, lemon zest luna bars, leona naess, levenger, lisa loeb, lisabelle, liz phair, long island iced teas, long talks, math, michael vartan, midori sours, miniature golf, mochas, moose tracks, movies, music, naps, not my desk, online poker, pasta, penguins, photography, pierce brosnan, poe, poker, pottery, powerpuff girls, purple, reading, reeses peanut butter cups, rene russo, roller coasters, rollerblading, roswell, sci-fi, science, science fiction, seafood, serendipity, sharon shinn, shiny things, shopping, skee-ball, smiles, snow, spinnwebe, spooble, summer camp, sunny days, sushi, swimming, tetris attack, the corrs, the cubs, the princess bride, the sopranos, thunderstorms, tiny inflatable hammers, tivo, tori amos, travelling, tulips, u.s. open, university of illinois, vanilla rum, veruca salt, wallace and gromit, white water rafting, x-men