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TV depravation, day two - Princess — LiveJournal
TV depravation, day two
Another relatively easy day, really, thanks to the turkey holiday.

I got up about 10, spent an hour getting ready (or so), and then it was off to pick up mom, the pie, a raspberry mocha, and head out for Indiana, all in that order. On the way to pick up my mom, I chatted with my dad on the phone, saying "I can't imagine that Deb's going to have Thanksgiving -- she must be ready to have the baby any day now!", only to have him tell me, "Didn't you hear? She had the baby already, on the 2nd!" Er, well, no, I didn't hear that.

We made good time going down to Indiana, thanks to construction season being over, finally, and had a good time at Deb and Chris', and I got some really good pictures of Maddie and Lindsi, which I'll put up in a bit.

I got home about 8, and I was pooped! I didn't even eat that much turkey, either, but something about driving always makes me exhausted. I fell asleep about 9 PM (!!), and put in my bid for the Guinness Book of World Records by sleeping until 8:30. I got up for about 30 minutes, and went back to sleep until 11. Boy, did that feel good.

But now, I'm beginning to feel the itch of the TV. There are sports on, you know, and they are calling my name: "maigrey, maigrey, come watch me!" But I shall prevail, for I will do some cleaning, and then I will go to see Harry Potter again, along with Monsters, Inc., which I have not seen yet.

Current Mood: difficulty level: 2

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From: jezaurelle Date: November 24th, 2001 08:51 am (UTC) (Link)
Monsters Inc is the best thing ever! You'll love it! I'll be seeing Harry Potter today. I still have half of the book to read. Gotta be quick this morning. Hee.
maigrey From: maigrey Date: November 24th, 2001 10:26 am (UTC) (Link)


I did like Monsters, Inc lots -- I want a kitty doll!

However, I've got to say, Harry Potter is even *better* than Monsters, Inc! (You don't have to finish the book to enjoy the movie, either!)
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