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I'm back! - Princess — LiveJournal
I'm back!
And I feel utterly refreshed.

Well, except for my thighs, my knees, my calfs, my ankles and my feet, I'm
feeling refreshed. Climbing stairs for 4 days straight will do that to you,
you know. The long story short, our rooms were on the second floor, the
people going though the weekend were on the first floor, and our
headquarters was on the second floor. Oh, and to get from the HQ on the 2nd
floor to your room, you had to go down to the first floor, go over a bit,
and then go up to the second floor again. Ow. Especially since I was on the
team responsible for moving everythign around and making sure everyone had
everything they needed.

But I am amazingly refreshed in spirit. I feel loved. I realize my problems
are not that bad, in the sceme of things, and I do not have to handle them
alone. I just need to have a bit of faith.

... and a lot of aleve.

It was interesting being away from the internet for 4 days; I didn't miss
it as much as I thought I would. I definitely thought of you folks, though;
I just wasn't freaking out about reading my email or worrying about work for
4 amazing days.

Oh, and a belated birthday to cider, and a big thank you to zen_raven for collecting my mail and making sure the kitty cats were
alive and not dead, fending for themselves in the Shroedinger House.

Current Mood: refreshed refreshed

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