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Mmmm. Ooey gooey scallion cakes. - Princess — LiveJournal
Mmmm. Ooey gooey scallion cakes.
What a pleasant day I had yesterday!

I got up a bit early to get some work done, as it had to be done then for the machine moves, and had a lovely conversation with the ciderwoman, during which we came up with a plan to invite CB out pumpkining.

Then it was off to shower, dress, get gas, and head to Elmhurst for a Cursillo team meeting. Except, I got the date messed up, and I need to be in Elmhurst today, not yesterday. So, I drove back, and decided to give CB a call for pumpkining on the way home; I ended up getting his voicemail. I was still planning on calling zen_raven to see if she wanted to go, but all of a sudden I got so exhausted, I just slept, in preparation for the drive down to see tyche.

The drive down was surprisingly pleasant; I expected worse due to construction. I found her place, and was immediately drafted into the kitchen to help make scallion cakes, which involved regressing to kindergarten as we fingerpainted with soft butter. After we chowed on the lovely scallion cakes it was time to make the kung pao chicken, which was 3 glasses-of-water delicious.

We needed some time to recover before we turned our attention to the Sacher torte i'd brought, which was so good. There was much discussion on how you recover the leftover chocolate ganache without in getting crumb-y. NB: tyche: I've discovered how -- they frosted the cake in an insulating layer of the buttercreme icing, which keeps the ganache from getting tainted with crumbs.

We had soe much fun that it was 10 pm before we knew it, and I still had an hour to drive home.

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yesthatjill From: yesthatjill Date: October 22nd, 2001 06:18 am (UTC) (Link)
So that's what the buttercreme's for. I though it was just to add even more calories. I'm having some for breakfast today. :)
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