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On TiVo horrors

[my last post of the night, I promise]

So I found out for sure on Friday that the modem in my TiVo is dead, and I am very sad.

It all started with my thought of recording an encore showing of the MTv Movie awards; I've had the song Lady Marmalade in my head, and can't quite figure out who is singing what part of the harmony, and I need to see that live. I've seen the video, and that helps somewhat, but I digress.

To my horror, when I pulled up the "Programs to record" in the tivo, a warning popped up informing me that I had only 6 days left of guide data, and would I be so kind as to make a daily call?

And I remembered we had thunderstorms on Saturday night. The last call the TiVo made successfully was Saturday morning. This is Not Good.

In any case, after multiple reboots of the machine, a couple of calls into TiVo, it was verified that, yes Virginia, there is such a thing as a bad modem on your TiVo. And it will cost $140 plus s/h to fix.

And the scary thing? I'm going to pay it, no question. It's been a big realization how much I'm dependant on this little device. Or, rather, how much I use it without realizing it. It's so wonderfully handy -- I never need to switch tapes, or know what time a show is on, or wait until the tape is done to start watching a show.

Of course, that's the downside to sending the unit in for repair -- I don't know when I need to set my VCR up to tape the shows I want to watch while it's gone for a week and a half, because I have no idea when my shows are on, other than the day they show up on my TiVo.

The data runs out tomorrow, however I have 8 episodes of FarScape I need to watch before then, as I don't know if I'll get the same hard drive back. I could tape them off as well, but that'll take just as long to tape as it would to watch.

... at least zen_raven watches most of the shows I watch, and thus I can watch them on her TiVo. :)

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