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On unexpected visits - Princess — LiveJournal
On unexpected visits
WIGGE is coming to town Wednesday!

No, his name isn't WIGGE, but if you say "Wicked" with a mouthful of oreos, it comes out very much like WIGGE!

Okay, his name isn't Wicked, either, but that's what we all call him.

Anyway, he's coming in for GeekCon which is in Milwaukee, and if you're going to Milwaukee from anywhere except northern Wisconsin, you come through Chicago. So, instead of him coming into town mid afternoon and trying to catch the L from O'Hare to Union Station then making a train from Union Station to Milwaukee, I figured I'd drive him up there. Thus, I get to spend time with him, with my choice of music.

We're also going to try and check out The SafeHouse for dinner while we're up there, which looks ultra-cool. I'll have to bring my camera. And, if anyone knows the password, and cares to tell me, that'd be the coolest.

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