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Bissell Steam Cleaner: 6, me: 0

[... I so do not feel like working. I could go home, as my boss is already gone, but instead I will subject you to my ramblings]

So as you all know, I was a little cleaning dervish the other day. Well, I was doing this massive amount of cleaning in order to steam clean my carpets and stairs. I'd gone ahead and borrowed a lovely Bissell pro-heat steam cleaner from a friend of mine, and bought the solution for the machine.

And then it proceeded to sit in my foyer for a week and a half. I had a good reason for this -- I was ill, and then when I got better, I had to go vacuum everything in preparation. I even vacuumed the stairs.

Finally, when MN mentioned that he'd like his deep cleaner back sometime this century, I made it a point to actually work on the carpets. I intuited how to fill the solution up, and happily went along my merry way after I overcame the initial obsticle of finding the 'on' switch.

I ran the cleaner over the carpet in the (unused) family room, and really didn't notice a difference in the carpet. I assumed it was doing something as the returned water was a very nasty brown color. I do have a wonderful cream/taupe/brown shade mix berber carpet, which really doesn't show dirt at all, so I was okay with this.

I did have to ask zen_raven how I could tell when the carpets were actually clean, though, as I was having difficulties in telling the difference between clean and dirty carpet.

I proceeded onto the living room, lifting the coffee table to rest on the couch. I had a large spot where the previous owners of the house had their sofa, and as my sofa is not in the same place, it was pretty visible. The deep cleaner seemed to get most of the dirt from that.

And then my troubles began.

I removed the protective blankets from the love seat (to keep my love seat from behing upholstered in cat hair), and attached the Turbo Brush attachment. I pointed the brush onto one of the accent pillows, and squeezed the trigger, to put the solution on.

Nothing came out. This confused me a wee bit, I'll admit. When I'd tried the attachement before, pressing the trigger shot out some cleaning solution. The thought niggled in my brain that maybe there was something wrong, as there was a bit of an odor of burnt rubber in the air.

"Well," I thought to myself, "it could be something with this Turbo Brush attachement. I'll try setting it back to the floor suction." This too, failed me, as it didn't seem to be ejecting any solution.

I gave up, deciding to try it later.

So Wednesday, I leave work early, as I was in a meeting for most of the day, and plan on going home and attacking the carpets again. Needless to say, the deep cleaner elves didn't visit my ouse and repair the cleaner for me. Thanks to the wonder of the internet, I pulled up the user guide, which in a round about way told me that perhaps my pump belt was broken.

I'm figuring at this point, MN is not getting his cleaner back this night. But, hey, it's just a little belt, I can pick it up at Joe Random Hardware Store, right?

Bzzzt. Wrong, thank you, drive through. But you knew that already, didn't you, smart reader?

I went to not one, not two, but FIVE stores, and nary a little pump belt to be found. There were pump belt-free zones at Best Buy, Target, K-Mart, Wal*Mart, and Linens and Things. I'd also called Menards, and they, too, did not know the wonders of replacement Bissell Deep Cleaner parts.

I did find out you can buy them online. Let us first note, for the reader, that the pump belt costs a mere $2.96 online, which seems like a wonderful solution. Except for the time to ship, and the fact that shipping and handling is the equivalent of another pump belt. I have moral issues with paying as much for S/H as I do for my product.

So, I decided I would try two more K-mart's, as the first K-mart I went to had a sticker for the pump belt, if no actual belts.

Alas, I think I am about to succumb, and order my pump belt online. You can't say I didn't put up a good fight!

on a tangential note: pump belt is an amusing phrase taken out of context. I wonder if you can work it into your journal entries today.

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    I hate you pollen. HATE YOU.

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