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can I get worker's compensation for neck cricks due to excessive phone usage?

What a day.

When I haven't been in meetings, I've been on the phone, chasing down purchase order numbers for invoices we received from Ameritech in 1999.

Yes, that's two years ago. And they haven't been paid.

You'd think Ameritech might have noticed, oh, one year after they billed, that they were missing $350,000.


And, of course, those of you who work in the IT field know that in two years, the turnover rate of employees is something on the order of a hundred million. Thus, you barely have records of who was working here two years ago, much less what they purchased.

Of course, none of the money we had in 1999 happened to carry over into 2001, so the finance people are having a calf.

Yay mondays.

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