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Yesterday was a nice, but cool day. We decided to go to lunch at… - Princess — LiveJournal
Yesterday was a nice, but cool day. We decided to go to lunch at Hanabi which is a nice Japanese/sushi place. We'd decided to go there since Rav's boss gave her the afternoon off, and she needed to go to Home Despot anyway, which is near my work.

Our friend L had the day off, and he was trying to convince us all to come hang out at his place and play Settlers of Catan (otherwise known as Liquid Crack Cocaine). I only had a couple hours worth of work left to do, so I bailed work about 3pm and headed over.

We hung out, put the Cubs game on, and Mark swung by about 3:30 or 4, and hug with us as well, though we'd already started the game, so he pretty much was listening and watching the game and chilling in general.

We stayed until the end of the game, and then headed down to meet up with R, J, P and his brother P to watch The Fast and the Furious, which was a good movie, but I really didn't like the ending. Rav and I finally decided later that the movie should have ended at the train race scene (I'm trying not to spoil it here...), which would have been the perfect ending.

Ack, but Rav is here now, and we're supposed to go to the K's for a barbecue.

I'll update on the late night catan marathon, complete with ice cream cravings, and my morning sighting of Keanu Reeve's younger brother later.

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