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for harperwilla

Swiped from the email that Cathe sent me after we made yummy cookies one chick night:

Caramel Filled Chocolate Cookies:
(contributed by Vicki Belles to "Old-Fashioned Country Cookies," published by Gooseberry Patch)

2 1/4 c. flour
3/4 c. cocoa
1 tsp. baking soda
1 c. white sugar, plus 1 tbsp. set aside
1 c. packed brown sugar
1 c. margarine
2 tsp. vanilla
2 eggs
1 c. chopped pecans, divided
48 chocolate covered caramels

(this is what the book says - we used walnuts, and plain caramels, on Sunday, and we made a double batch, as well)

Combine 1 tbsp. white sugar & 1/2 of the nuts, set aside. Combine dry ingredients, set aside (the reason you do actually want to do this, is because you don't have to stir the mixture as long when you add the dry ingredients, so the cookies don't get tough). Cream sugars and margarine until fluffy. Add eggs and vanilla. Stir in flour mixture plus the other 1/2 cup of nuts (I never do, because some people are allergic to nuts, but if you're not, hey!). Refrigerate dough overnight. Shape one tbsp. of dough around each candy, roll, and dip one side of ball into the sugar/nut mixture. Bake on ungreased cookie sheet, nut side up, at 375 for 7 to 10 minutes. Cool for 2 minutes before removing from cookie sheet to wire rack to cool completely (note that we undercooked ours just slightly, so they were a little more gooey than usual - it's also important to be sure you don't leave any holes in the dough ball, so that the caramel doesn't run out all over your wire racks!)

These cookies are so amazingly fantastically good! You all should try this recipe if you get a chance!!

  • Tired.

    Being in the office at 8:30 am means getting up at 5 because I hate traffic and traffic starts at 6:30. Wah. But I did get more Caribou. YOMS.

  • Making orthodontia better

    + ...I have about 4 hours before I can't eat anything that isn't soft...

  • For Lori.

    I hate you pollen. HATE YOU.

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