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Adventures in Toyland

As promised, the story of how I got my CLIE...

After fighting the urge for a very long 2 days, I give in, and decide to purchase the very lovely Sony CLIE. It's much easier to put off buying something than it is to be patient waiting for your toy to make it through the trials of shipping and handling and the UPS trucks.

I tried to avoid the wait and get instant gratification by purchasing it at Best Buy, but alas, the 4 they had gotten in had already sold! So it was off to for me.

Right after I enter in my credit card number and the birth date of my yet-to-exist first born, I receive an e-mail stating that they have received my order and are processing it. This is good news! I will probably have my pilot by Friday, and thus, the weekend, thanks to the wonders of overnight shipping. Sony kindly tells me they'll e-mail me when my order has shipped.

Thursday afternoon wanders by, and I don't have any e-mail from Sony about my order. I know, because I've been compulsively checking it every 5 minutes. After all, I've paid for my toy, I should have it right now!

I get home, get on the treadmill, and check my e-mail. There is still no little note from Sony in my inbox telling me how I may now compulsively track my package instead of my inbox. I see a 1-800 number on the webpage, and to give myself credit, I did think twice about calling. But I called anyway.

I got a very cute sounding guy on the phone, who informed me that their system that allows them to check their web orders was updating, and the system goes down at 8 PM. Since I had called at 7:30 my time, 8:30 theirs, I was okay with this.

Because I was going to call them back the next morning. And wouldn't you know it? At 10 am the next day, the system was still updating. I wasn't so forgiving this time, and openly wondered how it could possibly take 10 hours to update a system, to which I got a sheepish response telling me "I think they're having problems with it." Hmm. Do you think that could be it?

Interestingly, after she took my name, number and address, I got an e-mail telling me my package had shipped ... yesterday. So, hoo-ray! My toy was going to come in on Friday! There was only one flaw with this plan: I am at work; the clie is heading to my home.

I checked with my friend J. who had picked up his roomie's clie, and had said that there was no signature necessary. So, me being me, I continuously checked the UPS tracking page to see when my package was delivered, so I could send my friend Heather (zen_raven over to pick it up off the porch, as she was waiting for the utility people at her house, which is practically next door.

I'm sure you know what's coming, but my delivery required a signature, of course.

Now, had I known on Thursday, or even before I left for work on Friday, that my package was going to be delivered on Friday, I would have left a note that said 'Oh, could you deliver this down the corner to Heather, who is at her house waiting for the utility folks to come in, and she will be happy to sign for it'. Alas, my tracking number said '1st delivery attempt, receiver not in, delivery scheduled for Monday'. Monday! I couldn't play with my toy for the whole *weekend*.

I called, and futilely attempted to see if I could get the package Friday. I couldn't. So I asked them to hold my package for pickup, since the UPS place is right near work. However, the woman I talked to seemed a few fries short of a happy meal, so I called again on Saturday, with my little delivery number instead of the tracking number. I'm told my package can be picked up on Tuesday, not Monday. Uhhh, what? I mention that I called Friday for it to be held, and he asks for my phone number and tells me "Oh! Yes, your package will be held for pickup on Monday."

I think you see where this is going, if you've gotten this far...

I got up much earlier than usual so I could get to the UPS place before work. And, no, my package was not being held. It was on the truck. It took them 10 minutes to decide this, too. I had mentioned I called twice, and both times they confirmed it would be here for pickup. This meant I got to talk to the delivery supervisor, who told me the package would be delivered before 10:30 to my house, so I could just wait for it at my house.

I explained that I was here, near work, and 30 minutes away from my house, and I'd have to go through rush hour traffic to get home. I had called twice, they said I could pick it up today, so would he tell me how I was going to get this package today? He said I could meet the driver. Fine, that works. The driver has to do his air deliveries, but after 10:30 he can meet me. That works for me, but I have a 10 am meeting. Mark the UPS guy gives me his number, and says I can call him when I'm done. Cool, this is all good, I will have my toy today.

I get out of my meeting early, and I call Mark. His phone is busy. His phone is busy the next 10 times I try and call him. Do you know there are no local numbers on the UPS site? I have to call the 1 800 number for UPS and have them send an e-mail to Mark in Shipping and have him call me! Argh.

But Mark calls me, and we agree that I will meet the driver behind the Jewel near my house at noon. Oooh a rendezvous with the UPS driver! My friends laugh at me, and we get a few jokes out of this, in addition to the fact that clie is one letter away from more innuendos.

I hightail it out of work, drive down the expressway, and rendezvous with the UPS driver, who is darn cute, and retrieve my package. And all is well with the world.

But next time I get a UPS package, I'm staying home to wait for it to be delivered. And then perhaps I will invite the cute delivery boy upstairs.

  • Tired.

    Being in the office at 8:30 am means getting up at 5 because I hate traffic and traffic starts at 6:30. Wah. But I did get more Caribou. YOMS.

  • Making orthodontia better

    + ...I have about 4 hours before I can't eat anything that isn't soft...

  • For Lori.

    I hate you pollen. HATE YOU.

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