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What is high maintenance?

What, really, constitutes being high maintenance?

I ponder this, because I think I've finally come to the conclusion that I'm not a low maintenance kind of gal, which I used to think I was when I was younger. Yet, I really don't consider myself high maintenance, either. I don't feel the need to flip out every time my honey wants to spend time alone or with his friends; I understand that need. I don't feel it's necessary for him to be buying me presents all the time, although it's nice, once in a while.

But if he goes away on a trip for a week or so, I do think he should call me every other day or so, because I do have a need/want/desire to talk to him and share how my days have been going while he's gone, and find out how he's been doing too.

My friend Heather thinks that's weird, and that once a week would be enough for a phone call.

So, what do you think constitutes 'high maintenance?'

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