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the notebook

so, i watched the notebook, and I didn't cry, wtf?

Oh this says it better than I can write:
miggy: have a good night if you are going to bed hehe =P
maigrey: ok i really am
maigrey: after i write up 'ok i watched the notebook'
maigrey: "and i didn't need a box of tissues wtf'
miggy: lol
maigrey: 'of course it could be because my copy kept PIXELATING AT THE GOOD PARTS'
maigrey: 'fucker'
miggy: if she was naked in it I would
miggy: woops
maigrey: yeah
miggy: did I say that out loud
miggy: lol
maigrey: dude i'm just copying and pasting this, mkay?
miggy: haha
miggy: sure

seriously, I expected a good chick flick cry from this movie based on everything everyone's said. bah.

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