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WBPT and flicker

Thanks to fhwrdh: you can keep an rss feed of all the WBPT pics on flicker, so tag them beetches!

(Stolen right from fhwrdh's post:

just a quick tip for those who like the rss.

it seems that lots of folks are using flickr to upload pics from the recent wpbt excursion. most (all?) of those photos appear to be tagged with 'wpbt'. this is nice because onyone can go to flickr and search on this tag to see all the photos. whats nicer for the rss-friendly is that you can turn a search into an rss feed. for instance, this url will give you all the photos with the wpbt tag. pop that in bloglines or your rss 2.0 reader of choice and bingo, you can keep track of all the drunk and tilting pics people took of you.

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