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subject? we don't need no steenking subject
Mmm, I have new CDs. I don't buy them often, preferring to spend my money on, well other stuff (I'm not sure what that is, because I spend much less money on cds and books than I used to). But I really wanted to get the new Depeche Mode album, so we hit Best Buy after lunch today, and I got:

Depeche Mode - Exciter
Poe - Haunted
The Corrs - In Blue

I still want to get the new albums by Nina Gordon, Uncle Kracker, matchbox twenty, Vertical Horizon, Incubus, Dido, 3 doors down, and nine days. But you know, that's a lot of cash, and there's a bunch of stuff I need to do on my house, too.

I think I'm going to go see Moulin Rouge tomorrow with Paula, or perhaps on Sunday, but I have this little niggling feeling I'm supposed to be doing something else instead.

I've been pretty productive lately, which is really good. I didn't get on the treadmill last night because of the driving fiasco (more on that later), so I promised myself I'd get up early today and work on it. I figured I would wake up on my own as it seems I usually do, at 5:30-ish (yes, AM, ugh), and instead of going "Ugh, too early" and going back to sleep, I'd get up instead.

Of course, this meant I was woken up by my alarm, not my my traitorous body.

Current Mood: super duper spiffy
Current Music: Depeche Mode - Comatose

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crashingcleo From: crashingcleo Date: June 1st, 2001 11:51 am (UTC) (Link)

No subject indeed!

Nina Gordon has a new album? Yay.
maigrey From: maigrey Date: June 1st, 2001 12:49 pm (UTC) (Link)

a pox on subjects

Hm, I guess it's only 'new to me', as I just started hearing her stuff (solo stuff, not veruca salt stuff) lately. Anyway the album I'm thinking of is: Tonight and The Rest of My Life.
zen_raven From: zen_raven Date: June 4th, 2001 08:40 am (UTC) (Link)
Soooooo....driving fiasco?
maigrey From: maigrey Date: June 4th, 2001 12:49 pm (UTC) (Link)

driving fiasco

To make a long rant short:

People can't drive. They drive even WORSE when there is even a miniscule amount of rain.

The drive to Ulta which usually takes me 25 min, 35 tops, took about an HOUR.

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