Sound Byte (maigrey) wrote,
Sound Byte

The current score:
Chess - Heather: 0 / G-Rob: 0.75 (yahoo crashed when he was trouncing me, conveniently)
Checkers - Heather: 1 / G-Rob: 0 (even though I offered him a draw, he refused to take in and made me play out to the win.)
Euchre -
  • Drizz&Heather: 3 / Otis/G-Rob: 0 (proving that I don't suck when sober, even if drizz made us wait around forever while he played PLO8)

  • Drizz&Heather: 1 / Ted/G-Rob: 0

Lines from the movie Heathers quoted during the euchre matches: 403
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