Sound Byte (maigrey) wrote,
Sound Byte

No poker, just Euchre

I'm currently sitting in a Caribou coffee, going on hour number 2, trying to get through the 500 and change emails that accumulated over my 2 week vacation. The vacation was lovely, and I didn't work much at all, except last Friday, and that was brainless spreadsheet work, which isn't bad at all.

Yesterday, I walked the dog, and sat on my duff to watch the US Open - the Agassi and Blake matches were fantastic, and I'm rooting for Mary Pierce to get far in the bracket, too. I then took some time off to play Canasta and Euchre on Yahoo games, where it is officially proven that I SUCK at both of them - either that or I'm card dead. I even pulled CJ into the fray and made him partner with me for Euchre, and we only won about 4 times out of 11. Online euchre is SO RIGGED, I tell you.

However, I lost less money this way, tell you what.

But this has gotten me thinking. I think we need an online Euchre night. Who's in?
Tags: cards
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