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Wedding survived

I'm getting ready to pack up and head back to Chicago in a few minutes, so I'll here's the quick wrapup of how the wedding went:

  • Number of champagne bottles consumed by the bride and bridesmaids pre-wedding: 5
  • Number of minutes that I had cellphone reception or high speed internet connectivity: ZERO
  • Number of laptops that decided to forget where they put their operating system and refuse to now boot: One - MINE (I'm writing from my mother's computer which really needs an upgrade)
  • Number of groomsmen who went kayaking on the day of the wedding: 3, including the groom
  • Temperature at the wedding: eighty bazillion, thank goodness for cloud cover
  • Number of times the bride said, "You think that's a lake over there? You should see between my legs!": 3
  • Mintues that dinner was late: 60 (but it was excellent food)
  • Bottles of wine consumed at the reception: too many to count but they ran out
  • Number of my awesome cousins and aunts that made the trip to attend: 2 aunts from my mom's side, 2 cousins from my dad's
  • Number of times that, when I was introduced, the other party said, "Oh, so YOU'RE the poker player...": 12 (and I'm not exaggerating, I may even be underestimating; I think this is all my sister and mother talk about when they talk to their friends/relatives, go figure)
  • Number of times the police showed up at the reception: 2
  • Number of times crazy wedding guests that smeared wedding cake on the police vehicles: 1
  • Number of my sister's friends that I'd love to see more often: 10
  • Number of my sister's friends that live in Chicago so I can actually see them more often: 2
  • Number of bridesmaids tossed into the pool in their dresses: 3 (every last one of us)
  • Number of brides also tossed into the pool: 1 (after she'd changed into another dress)
  • Number of times my sister, the bride, tossed her cookies the next morning: approximately 4.

... and now since I'm already packed from the wedding, I'm going to toss the rest of my clothes, and my router/wireless gear into the car and head home, where I can try and fix my computer among the comforts of my own home.

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