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on chocolate ice cream - Princess — LiveJournal
on chocolate ice cream
Dean's chocolate ice cream is just not as good as Breyers. There must be something to this all natural thing.

Moose Tracks ice cream (made by Dean's) is a yummy edible work of art.
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maigrey From: maigrey Date: May 31st, 2001 05:10 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: call me crazy...

Mmmmmm Breyer's vanilla!

I don't really like vanilla ice cream per se, the one exception being breyer's vanilla. Must be the real vanilla beans. And it's so good in floats.

When I was a kid, my favorite flavor was Heavenly Hash, which was basically a candy store wrapped in chocolate ice cream. I haven't seen it in the stores, but that's a-okay with me, because I don't think I could stomach that anymore.
zen_raven From: zen_raven Date: June 1st, 2001 11:43 am (UTC) (Link)
Godiva make these great little pints (or half pints?) of the world's richest chocolate ice creams. The chocolate hazelnut truffle will make you pass out with bliss after just a few spoonfuls. This can be a bad thing if you're in the mood for more than that in one sitting.
maigrey From: maigrey Date: June 1st, 2001 12:48 pm (UTC) (Link)
yeah, I like the dark chocolate raspberry truffle, and they're good, but nothing is better than peanut butter and chocolate :0
From: spooble Date: July 3rd, 2001 11:05 am (UTC) (Link)

F'you think Moose Tracks is bad/good...

Check out other flavors. They're made by a company called Denali out of Michigan. The companies licensed to bring Moose Tracks down here started carrying some of the others, like Caramel Caribou.

Moose Tracks has that fudge, though...MMMM...

Yes, I'm still procrastinating. Shh.
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