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Book Review - Matt Matros

I just finished reading The Making Of A Poker Player- How An Ivy League Math Geek Learned To Play Championship Poker, and I'm quite impressed. It's a page turner, and is an excellent book for those unfamiliar with most things poker, as he takes you from day 1 of his poker career to his 3rd place cash in the WPT championship.

vill, and liminial_space - I highly recommend you check this book out! He takes great pains to explain the lingo-ese and immerse you into the World of Poker.

It's also interesting for some more advanced players, as he gets later into the books: he goes over his tournament strategies, and how to play short handed, and how he plays higher stakes online poker.

I'm also reading Ace on the River- An Advanced Poker Guide, but I'm really having a hard time getting into it - it's a bit to 'glitzy' for me: I'm not used to so many pictures.

Also, please see here if you have any questions you want me to answer on my own poker journey.

PLUS, if you really love me, you will buy me this t-shirt. (Thanks April for the link)
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