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Weekend hit #3

Where we left off: I'd just gone up quite a bit, thanks to a lovely gentleman in the 1 seat, and worked my way to $3500 up in chips.

I proceeded to then grab about $500 more in profit at the NLHE portion, and then the next dealer sat down; this changed the game to PLO for the next half hour. I proceeded to donk off $700 in hands that got killed on the turn - good enough to pay a flop bet, not good enough to continue on the turn. Great. I almost thought about leaving here, because it was 2AM, and I could take a tidy profit and go home; the boys then talking about when the game was breaking up; they said to finish this round of NLHE, and they'd do one more round of PLO, and then go home.

Then we turned to NLHE, I got caught in a few hands, and it was 2 AM in the morning. I had $3100 in profit sitting in front of me, when I told them I was not interested in the PLO portion, and then I said if I lose this $100, I'm going home.

S, the LAG in the 2&3 seat (we were spread out since there were only 6 of us) raised as he usually does on any suited connector, two big cards, or little pairs. I look down and see ATo, and call the $75, which prompts IronMike to say, "Uh oh, this might be it..." The 1 seat throws his chips in, too, so there's three of us.

Flop: 2 6 T, rainbow.

S deliberately puts 3 stacks of $75 out there and says $225. My instincts here are screaming that he has a hand, but he raises all the time, and what could he hit there? top pair? I think for a bit and toss a $500 chip out there and say "Raise." I guess I didn't say it loud enough as the dealer started making change and I said, "No, I raised it to $500." S looked confused by this but called anyway.

Turn: J, of the 4th suit. S checks to me and WHY DON'T I CHECK BEHIND HERE? I bet another $500 and S calls so fast I know I'm beat.

Flop: Q, S checks, I check, S says "Set." Jeez, S has been complaining ALL NIGHT about having gone 24 pairs in a row without flopping a set, and he finally hits one on me. Great. I angrily muck, and say, "Ok boys, I'm done for the night," and rack up and get in the line at the cage. LawyerM tries to sympathetically brush my arm as I stalk by, but I am too mad and I brush him off and refuse to look at the guys at the table. I can hear them discussing what possible hand I could have, and I don't really care. I get the floor to verify my cashout (minus three purples in my pocket) and walk out via the deck to use the ladies room and tray and calm down. It works somewhat.

I wasn't pissed about losing the money - I never really am. I'm mad because I knew he had a monster hand and I could have even possibly gotten away after the flop, or after the raise. I didn't need to throw the $500 on the turn in at all, and it angers me when I misplay something, especially when I know better.

In any case, I'm still too angry to get in a several ton vehicle, so I come back up to the room and visit with Mike's mom, and Pat who are playing the $6/$12 tables in the hopes that the $55k badbeat jackpot hits. I say hi to a couple others, and then go pull the chair from underneath LawyerM's feet, who smiles and says hi, and I can ignore his voicemail. I laughed and told him he knows better, I can't receive phone calls at the boat. He says, "I know, but I'd thought you'd left and I didn't want you driving angry." I'm a pretty lucky girl to have a poker friend like him; they're few and far between.

I sat down next to him and I mention that I heard them discussing my play and the hand. He tells me it wasn't him, and that they ran the gamut - no one could figure out what I had; I told Mark, and I told him I was mad because I knew S had a big hand - no one else seemed to know this and were surprised when he turned over the set; they mostly thought he was on a draw. Sam tells me later that S thought I had a set of tens, and that just shows how bad of a player S is, because he was going to pay me off anyway and couldn't fold it. Sam knew I didn't have it because he knows I would have bet the bejeezus out of the turn if I had one, which is true. But, it shows just what kind of table image I have - the boys thought I had an overpair to the board, or a smaller set, or something like that, instead of just TPTK.

So now my $2000 win (in PLAY MONEY) feels like a loss, instead of the giant win I was booking. However, I feel like I can hold my own with those guys at those stakes, even with the PLO, as long as I don't get too crazy and the crazy players aren't at the table.

I ended up playing for four more hours at the still-open $400/$1000 table, mostly because Sam was playing and I wasn't ready to go home quite yet. I eked out a $300 win there, mostly after I got fed up with Frank raising to $60 every time he had a pocket pair or Ace-big with limpers. I called him down after I saw $80 meant 33 on the button, so when he raised $60, I got pissy and called with my Q7c; the thing was checked down to the river with 4 players in (I should have bet the flop when Frank checked to me, but oh well), and I showed my Q7 for the win, which annoyed the crap out of him, but also told him I wasn't going to let him push me around anymore or give his raises as much respect as I used to. Teaches him to raise out of position with a not so great hand.

Although I did get runner runner QUADS BITCHES! Weird thing was, there were two hearts on the flop, I thought to myself, "Oh geez, just put the 6 of hearts down" to match my two black sixes. BOOM. The guy bets, I sigh and call, and BOOM 6d on the river, chaching!

To add insult to injury, I was so exhausted, when I was filling up my car (gas is much cheaper in Indiana), I went in to grab a soda, and came back out, got in my car, turned on the iPod, and drove away.

... while I was still pumping gas. OOPS. Luckily, those break away hose things really DO work and there wasn't much damage other than an inflated gas bill and a gas spill. Lovely.
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