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Friday - Princess — LiveJournal
I have a whole post I want to write up about women and poker, but since I don't agree with anyone I've read, and Fridays are fun days, I'm going to wait until Monday to open that can of worms.

But here's the teaser:

  • I think women's tourneys are good

  • I won't play in women's tourneys, because my game sucks against women

  • I also think that women are better poker players than men, but lack an aggression factor that's needed in poker

  • I think the male aggression factor does intimidate a lot (not all, obviously) of women

  • Are there great women poker players? Yes.

  • Can a woman be the greatest poker player of all time? Most definitely!

  • But, I think that proportionally, there will be fewer top women players out of the general women population than there are top men players out of the general men population

  • This is because men and women ARE DIFFERENT, mentally as well as physically, in GENERAL

Monday's going to be a start a lot of things days for a lot of things. :)

Thursday poll here if you haven't filled it out yet :)
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From: dugglebogey Date: July 26th, 2005 02:09 pm (UTC) (Link)
I waited until Monday for your actual post about this, but it didn't happen, so I will respond here.

The mistake you are making is that poker aggression is not the same thing as physical aggression.

While men are naturally more physically aggressive than women, they do not naturally have more poker aggression. Poker agression (especially CORRECT poker aggression) is LEARNED. Being aggressive just to be aggressive doesn't work.

The only skills one needs to be a world class poker player are intelligence and creativity. If you are saying that women are not equal to men in these areas, you are basically saying that being born female is the same as being born with a learning disability. And that simply isn't true.
maigrey From: maigrey Date: July 26th, 2005 03:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, I didn't get around to posting it, mostly because I couldn't put good coherent thoughts together.

The mistake you are making is that poker aggression is not the same thing as physical aggression.

No, actually, I'm not making that mistake. From experience and many hours of play, I think that men are much more aggressive in poker as well as physically - it's the way they're mentally wired. Most women I play against to not have the propensity to be aggressive. Most men have that tendency built into their psyche.

Poker agression[sic] (especially CORRECT poker aggression) is LEARNED. Being aggressive just to be aggressive doesn't work.

Yes and no - for women, it's a grit your teeth and force yourself to be aggressive. I say this based on experience; I'm one of the better players in my room, and the only woman who plays the higher limit games and it's a consious effort on my part to be aggressive. With the good men players that I play against, it's more natural - in fact, the men often have to dial BACK their aggression because they can be over aggressive.

RE: the learning disability: I'm saying that women just aren't IN GENERAL built with the killer instinct, and that instinct is necessary in high level poker. I'm also saying that women read people better than men, so are men born with a learning disability too? I think that IN GENERAL, yes, women have more to overcome than men, because that poker aggression is almost always forced for women. Not all women - there are exceptions - but most.

I mean, there's a reason there's the generalization that women don't bluff. That's because really, 96% of the time, we don't. That's much lower than a guy's level of bluffing, I think: I get told I'm one of THE MOST aggressive females that people know at the poker table, and I can tell you right now, I bluff (not semi-bluff, that's different), maybe 3 in 1000 hands. MAYBE. And I know my male counterparts have a higher ratio than that.

So, take that for what it's worth. Can women learn to be aggressive? Yes. Is it natural for MOST of them? No, hence the statements I've made.
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