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Random updates

Holy cow, I got the slowest barista possible today, so not only did it take me longer than usual to get my medium skim campfire mocha, she also screwed it up and put toasted coconut on the top instead of the marshmallows of goodness. Dammit. So forgive me if I'm a wee bit tart today; don't stand between me and my caffeine.

Last weekend was a mix of good and bad:

  • the bad: I missed playing poker on Friday night, so did not get to meet Baz and his brother

  • the good: I missed playing poker because I was hanging out and being social for Keith's birthday, and had cake

  • the good: I had a +2300 Saturday, getting me back on the winning mentality

  • the bad: I had a -400 Sunday

  • the bad: I also had a -one cell phone Sunday

  • the good: I found out Verizon now has treo 650s, so now I have a treo 650, which makes me a happy maigrey

Also of note: Greg Raymer, last year's WSoP champ is currently 5th out of 27 in chips; Mike Matosow, his nemesis from last year, is the chip leader. Phil Ivey is also still in it; I can't wait for the ESPN telecast!

April is also a total wench for being in Vegas while I am not. She just text messaged me saying that she was sitting right next to Gus Hansen's (*very hot*) nephew. Beyotch. I am so green.

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