Sound Byte (maigrey) wrote,
Sound Byte

Random update

I'm so sore from volleyball yesterday, even if I did make the coolest play of the night. Some tall dude spikes the ball, right into my face. Luckily the ball was soft, so there was no blood or broken noses, AND the ball went right back over the net for a legal dig!! I rock!

Also, I took much pleasure in the fact that a 4 girl - 2 guy team (us) beat this arrogant 4 guy - 2 girl team who kept saying "Be aggressive!". Their strategy was to play fancy and spike balls, ours was merely "get it over the net" and let them make their mistakes.

5 min until morning meeting where I get beat up by the client, whee.

Also, thanks to chrishal, joanne, vill, and felicialee1 for listening to me be neurotic.
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