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quick weekend update - Princess — LiveJournal
quick weekend update
My flight out of Phoenix was delayed, so what started as a tight 'am I going to make it there on time' got to be a 'wait an hour to board the plane'. However, LawyerMark called to catch up while he was stuck in traffic on the way to the poker room, so both our delays passed pretty quickly as we caught up on the last couple weeks, and I got to tell him what Hank and Felicia said about my poker playing skills, so he could bask in the happiness as well.

Also, he said going back in October was not soon enough and I should consider the July 4th weekend. I'm considering.

Saturday I made it to Trump and played some $400 min / $1000 max NL, and made back everything I lost in Vegas plus the idiotic $5-$150 fake No-limit Casino Arizona game; I guess it's really spread limit, but ugh, how annoying. Having my 66 hit a set on the flop and having KK and QQ bet into me made that recovery a little easier. Lesson #1 - when Felicia says a game is stupid and you shouldn't play it, don't play it. Lesson #2 - Call ahead to see if the Fort mixed game is going before driving all the way out there.

But it's so good to be home. Sunday I made it to church and was going to spend some time going through all my email, but turns out it was the picnic, so I spent some time outside and then headed home and ended up sleeping for 5 hours. I then took the dog for a walk and was going to go see Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but the showtimes were too late, and I was still exhausted, so I read and watched a little TV and then went back to sleep and had a considerable number of Really Weird Dreams.

So, today, it's time to get back into the work groove; I've got to grind through 200 emails, among other things, so wish me luck.

Current Mood: tired tired

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