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Part I - Wednesday, Thursday
Part II - Friday
Part III - Saturday

  • Slept 7 glorious hours and woke up about 10:30

  • Packed, and checked out of TEH ORLEANS

  • Just so you know, The Orleans is WilWheatonApproved, and the Plaza is not

  • Headed down to the Wynn to check out the poker room and possibly play some of the $5/$10 NL game

  • Wow, was the card room dead

  • So, since Wynn was pretty empty, I figured I might have a shot at the Bellagio $10/$20 NL game

  • Ok ok, you can quit laughing now

  • No really, you can, any time now

  • At least I self parked this time, so when I got there, saw the packed room at 1 pm on a Sunday, I didn’t have to tip the valet for almost parking my car

  • Called Eva to see what was up, and if she wanted to eat

  • Eva already had half a sandwich, so I grabbed some Wendy’s and headed down to the Plaza to catch up with the contingent

  • Saw Geek, Pauly, Derek, BG and a WSoP entrant playing in the Plaza tournament, and Hank and April playing in a $3/6 game

  • Scarfed down my Wendy’s (mmm spicy chicken) at the poker table behind Pauly, and put my name on the NL list

  • While waiting, go play craps, and win $64 playing the DON’T

  • I always play the don’t, as you get better odds for winning

  • Hank says it’s just bad karma, and I’m going to lose at poker for winning while betting the don’t

  • I think it’s just bad karma to tell Hank that I won while betting the don’t

  • I proceed to blame Hdub when I lose my $300 buyin with set over set

  • And then just to add insult to injury, that got the guy even, and he picked up his chips and left, dammit!

  • I hate that so very very much

  • Played a little longer, and Eva joined me to play

  • Pauly and the Grub stopped by, and I’m sure I looked horribly hung-over, which I wasn’t

  • No, really, I wasn’t, I was just entirely sleep deprived

  • You could bang cymbals in my ear and I wouldn’t wince, and I didn’t have a headache, I just wanted to go back to sleep

  • Watched BG’s friend Nate win the Plaza tournament

  • Cashed out

  • Gave everyone who was left a hug

  • Retrieved my car, and zipped off to the airport, got on the plane, and landed in Phoenix about ½ hour late

  • And very very tired

  • And I still had to log in and check the email I accumulated over the last week, since I didn’t crack open my laptop once the entire weekend

  • Which means it was a very very good vacation

Lessons Learned:

  • Come a couple days earlier than everyone else if I want to play “real” poker

  • When everyone else comes into town, don’t bother playing poker, just drink and visit with people

  • Everything in Vegas is better when you wear a tiara (and if you’re reading this and have tiara pictures, PLEASE send them to me)

  • I could have gotten $20 from the Geek instead of just $12

  • I have a serious name-warp when it comes to CHRISHAL

  • Phil Gordon is super freaking tall

  • Renting a car in Vegas is definitely the way to go

  • I am not better than Felicia at mixed games, but then again who is?

  • Next time, I’m pushing for everyone to stay at the Orleans.

    • If you need convincing, guys, they have the skimpiest cocktail waitress outfits I saw all weekend

    • Plus $5 craps

    • Plus a shuttle to the strip

    • Plus, hello, bowling!

So when are we going next?
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