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WBPT Trip report III

Holy crap this was a long weekend, and I'm only doing bullet lists.

I feel sorry for you folks doing a full paragraph by paragraph write up; I think the over under on bloggers getting through a write up of the entire weekend in detail is about 4.

Part I - Wednesday, Thursday
Part II - Friday
  • Dragged butt out of bed and made it to the Aladdin just about 9:25

  • Took advantage of the half hour before the tournament to go to Starbucks and get some Elixir of Life

  • Ran into BadBlood, the Geek and I think the Head but no it was CHRIS FREAKING HAL, who were also acquiring caffeine

  • Manage to drip mocha not once, not twice, but three times onto my shirt, dammit

  • Attempt to change into the jacket/hoodie thing, realize that I spilled soda on that at the Bellagio on Wednesday night, dammit

  • Change back into the original shirt with the mocha flavoring, become slightly grumpy

  • Grab seat ticket from CJ, find out I got seated at the TV table with BadBlood, April, Tanya, Pauly, Geek, Shelley and a couple other folks including CHRIS FREAKING HAL

  • Get my butt kicked with 99, as has been happening all weekend

  • (I lost to A9 with 99 at one of the Excal NL games, and then got my KK cracked by a set of 9s at the same NL game)

  • I actually thought about folding those preflop because of the way my weekend had been going with 99

  • But I didn’t, and the flop came down JJ2; I lost to Shelley’s TT because I was not aggressive enough

  • I should have gone all in instead of just raising 300

  • On the verge of getting blinded out, I see KJo and raise all-in

  • Pauly calls with KK and IGHN

  • Pauly feels bad and says he will buy me a drink later, but I still haven’t seen it!

  • And I don’t even get to be in the write up of the tournament because he’s all professional and stuff now, dammit

  • I decide to go head to the shops attached to the Aladdin to buy a shirt that’s not mocha-flavored, and purchase what I think is a cute ‘Las Vegas ‘05’ shirt’ that looks like what Annie Duke wears when she plays poker

  • I change in the bathroom and it is not that cute, dammit, and change back into the mocha-flavored shirt

  • Revisit the tournament, see that it’s going strong

  • Decide to head over to the Bellagio in an attempt to play the $10/$20 NL game

  • Put my name on the list, which is 6 deep, and the $2/$5 NL is about 15 deep

  • Get gelato ice cream while I’m waiting, yum yum

  • Return to Bellagio poker room, and realize that it’s going to be at least an hour if not two before I play

  • You’d think I’d have learned that I’m not going to play at the Bellagio again this weekend, dammit

  • Since the cantina is going to be happening in 4 hours, it does not make sense to wait 2 hours to play 2 hours and then go eat

  • Return back to the Aladdin, see that we’re down to three tables, head to bar where Al is holding court

  • Refuse to do another SoCo shot with Al, because I don’t like SoCo

  • I don’t like Tequila shots or Jack Daniels, either

  • We decide on a Lemon Drop shot, and the bartender goes off to make it

  • He comes back with a martini lemon drop, and I’m dared to down it as a shot while the rest of the crew does their shot

  • Far be it from me to pass up a challenge, thank you very much

  • I then spy a genie bottle that is bigger than my head, and convince Al that I must have this

  • As he is being convinced and ordering the drink, Eva and Rachel come up and decide we must go shopping

  • For Jewelry, which is on a par with Alcohol for entertainment.

  • I am torn, but then we decide to get the alcohol AND go shopping with it. Brilliant!

  • Cruise the mall until we find the shop, where Eva, Rachel and I all buy beautiful necklaces, and I get two purty rings

  • Which I then show off to everyone, announcing I’m engaged to Eva

  • Which if a) I swung that way and b) Eva wasn’t married, I’d be so there

  • The party proceeds early to La Cantina, and I make my way tipsily there with everyone

  • Then, I order yet another drink bigger than my head, mmm yard of margarita

  • On the safe side, I order a shrimp burrito, too

  • Party foul Pauly, but I think now we’re even for knocking me out of the tournament, dammit

  • Since Eva missed my tiara escapade, I had brought the tiara with, and it became quite slutty

  • It managed to land on the heads of The Fat Guy, Al, Iggy, BoyGenius, and Felicia among others

  • I think there was also some kareokeing to Love Shack, but I blame the Nerd for all of that

  • Eventually the party winded down, and most people decided to head to the Plaza for poker

  • Michelle, Eva and I, however, decided that there were some butts that needed to be shook

  • Specifically, ours.

  • Head back to Orleans to change out of mocha-flavored shirt

  • Zip back to Plaza to meet Michelle, who headed there with hubby Otis to meet us later

  • Eva fields call from Otis stating that Michelle is so bored she’s likely to divorce him if we don’t get there soon

  • That may be a paraphrase of the conversation

  • Head to EvaSuite and wait for Eva to change and eat HoHos

  • Discuss purchasing an ‘SCSC’ shirt for the Southern Belle (see for a hint to what that means if you weren’t there)

  • Make our way to New York, New York, call Beth and Rachel to see if they want to join us

  • Use Eva’s two free tickets for Coyote Ugly which means Michelle has to pay, but we buy her beers to make up for it

  • Wonder just why they made girls pay as we’re supposed to be the entertainment

  • And let me just tell you, there wasn’t much entertainment, as we were the only ones brave enough to dance

  • Laugh as the room gets berated for being wusses, and get dragged up to the stage as we are the only ones dancing

  • Well the only ones dancing that aren’t under the delusion that we’re strippers

  • After being pulled up onto the stage for the 4th or 5th time, get tired of this and start pushing other girls on the stage so we can dance off the bar

  • This works as the Coyote Ugly girls are now saying that we’re rocking and they LOVE THOSE GIRLS down front

  • That would be us, the cool kids, thank you very much

  • Get hit on and grinded upon by random strangers who just don’t get that I’m not into the picking up random guys at bars thing

  • Let Michelle be my wing man and keep the grinder off me

  • Be awed by Eva who gets some Brits to buy us several rounds of drinks and they don’t grind on us

  • My knees eventually give out around 2 am, and thus it’s time to leave

  • But Eva and Michelle need fud, so we get pretzels, though they don’t sound good to me

  • I get talked into having a bite to eat anyway

  • Complain about being old and why are we too tired to go dancing at another club

  • Blame lack of sleep for reduced energy instead of being elderly

  • Prudently decide to get pain killers from Michelle’s room at the MGM

  • Stop by the poker room, say goodbyes to Mr. Michelle, Helixx, and others

  • Head up with Michelle and Eva, decide the floor looks really comfortable and lie down while painkillers are found

  • Have (seriously) stimulating conversation with Michelle on the media today and other things

  • You wouldn’t know it was stimulating from the passed out Eva on the bed, but I promise you it was

  • And damn, Otis has 3 drunk women in his room, and of course, he’s at the poker tables!

  • Eventually, we get our butts off the horizontal surfaces, I drop off the lovely Eva at the Plaza

  • I valet park so I may say g’bye to everyone as I’m going to play at the Bellagio on Sunday and likely won’t see anyone

  • Yeah, I don’t learn my lesson on that, either, dammit.

  • Tired.

    Being in the office at 8:30 am means getting up at 5 because I hate traffic and traffic starts at 6:30. Wah. But I did get more Caribou. YOMS.

  • Making orthodontia better

    + ...I have about 4 hours before I can't eat anything that isn't soft...

  • For Lori.

    I hate you pollen. HATE YOU.

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