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The REAL rules of the road - Princess — LiveJournal
The REAL rules of the road
On lane usage:
1.) If cars are passing you on the right side, you are going too slow. Move over to your right. I don't care if that puts you in the 'granny lane', that's where you belong.
2.) If you are in the left most lane, and there are three or four cars riding your tail, it's because you are going to slow. Get your slow moving car into the lane to your right.
corollary to 2: if you're in the left most lane, look in your rear view mirror occasionally so you can see the cars behind you; that's not too hard is it?
3.) If you are driving, and there is more than a car length between you and the car in front of you, it is fair game for someone to move into that space. If you don't like it, keep either less than a car length's distance, or a car length and a half distance. 5 car lengths' distance in the middle of rush hour traffic is excessive, however.

On Merging:
4.) When two lanes merge, you merge in alternate order: car from lane 1, car from lane 2, lather, rinse, repeat.
5.) If you are That Guy who drives all the way up, in the lane that's about to disappear, and merges at the Last Possible Moment, I hate you so very very much.

On Speed:
6.) The speed limit is a suggested limit. You need to be going at the rate of the flow of traffic. A hint: in Illinois, this is never what is actually posted. It is at least 5 miles, if not 10 miles over what is posted. If you are doing the speed limit, you and your slow moving car should be in the granny lane.
7.) If you are going 45, even in a construction zone, when everyone else (in other words, "the flow of traffic" -- see #6) is going 60, all the rest of the drivers on the road, and then some, all hate you with the power of a thousand fiery suns. The gas pedal is on the right.
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lvglenn From: lvglenn Date: May 24th, 2001 06:58 am (UTC) (Link)
I absolutely HATE the guy who goes all the way to the front and merges at the last minute. It is my mission in life to keep him from merging.

How ya been?
maigrey From: maigrey Date: May 24th, 2001 07:34 am (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, there was a whole lot more that I thought about but didn't feel like writing down. :)

Life's good, though my sleep schedule is wonky; I'm looking forward to the 3 day weekend where I can sleep in for two of the three days.

It's the little things that excite me.

Have you bought YDKJ 5th dementia yet?!
lvglenn From: lvglenn Date: May 24th, 2001 04:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
Finally found it in the store TODAY believe it or not. I'll get it installed and figured out here today (I assume it is pretty much like the others) and then maybe we can have the big trivia smackdown this weekend.
bene From: bene Date: May 24th, 2001 08:10 am (UTC) (Link)


On lane usage
3) If traffic is stop & go & somone has about 1 car lenght open & they don't seem to be stopping as much. For chrisakes, don't get in front of them, aparenlty the person is talented enought to judge the overall speed of traffic & you getting in front of them will simply piss them off to no end & possibly get yourself rear ended if you don't use your turn signal (*grumble f-ing CA drivers who drive automatics*)

On Speed
6) But Heather, I learned in my "I-don't-want-this-ticket-on-my-record-so-I'm-going-to-traffic-school" school that there is no such thing traffic flow & that you should always go the speed limit. Yes i know the guy is a moron...seeing as I fully intend to take 280 up to SF this morning zipping along at about 80 mph the whole way.

7)This is a big nitpick of mine. You can afford to slow down in construction if there are actually people there. Your time is not more valuable than the lives you are endangering. There are 2 times when you should be the one to "straighten out" the flow of traffic: Near schools & in construction zones.

Sorry that you had to listen to this. But there are a few things I miss about Chicago drivers. They have half a clue how to merge into traffic & deal with people merging. They know what a turn signal is, how to use it & how to respond it (attention CA folk -- it's not speed up & cut the person off when they turn on the signal & there's clearly room for them until you step on the gas.) They in general understand the faster to the left (if you are going the speed of the normal traffic, then get out of the HOV lane & let others take advantage of the speed difference).
crashingcleo From: crashingcleo Date: May 24th, 2001 11:03 am (UTC) (Link)
These rules apply not only in Illinois, but in Washington as well.

Thank you.
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