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Vegas, baby, Vegas! - Princess — LiveJournal
Vegas, baby, Vegas!
Since I saw Bill do it, I figured I'd be a lemming and follow along. For those of you reading this that are making the trip to Vegas for the WPBT tournament, I'm coming in Wednesday the 1st, and leaving Sunday the 5th. If you want to meet up before the tournament, or the WPBT storming of the castle on Friday night, drop me an email (maigrey at livejournal dot com) and we can exchange cell phone numbers or the like as soon as I determine you're not a crazy stalker type.

I'm staying at the Orleans, so hello, bowling!

Also, just for public edification, the picture on my info page is of Natalie Portman, not me, so don't be looking for her when you're looking for me :)
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