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A letter I just got about Title IX

Hi Title IX supporters. Because of your efforts to Save Title IX during the Athletic Commission hearings, we were successful in educating thousands of people about the importance of Title IX. Those efforts paid off. The Administration said Title IX was working and made no changes...until now. This time the Administration made changes without any public notice. They didn't ask if you wanted this change. They made no press announcement. They just put a letter on their website to schools telling them about a "clarification" of the regulations.

This is no clarification!

It's a major policy change to the guidelines that will make it easier for schools to say they are in compliance without providing equality under the law. We need you to e-mail Congress urging them to have the Department of Education repeal this "clarification."

We need 25,000 e-mails sent by May 21st to get their attention.

Don't let this move by the Department of Education roll back all the gains we've made. Title IX: Don't Let Our Daughters Grow Up Without It!

Thanks, Julie Foudy


I just emailed the Congress to ask them to support gender equity in athletics through Title IX by telling the Department of Education to roll back their most recent guidance which can weaken women's ability to participate in collegiate athletics.

Please take a moment to visit the Save Title IX campaign Website to learn more and let your voice be heard!

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