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update, part deux

Class on Monday was actually pretty cool. I think I'm a mutant freak, but I actually like taking tests. No, really, I do.

We worked on some test taking strategies and the instructor explained the whole deal behind these computer adaptive tests -- which I'm leery of because I work better when I can skip something I don't know and come back to it later after my brain percolates a bit, and you are not allowed to do that on the CAT. It's answer it, and if you skip, you get it wrong.

I got home about 8:20 pm or so, and proceeded to clean the house a bit, and then watched the season finale of Roswell (which they keep calling 'The Series Finale on WB' which is annoying but another rant that merits it's own entry), and it was so GOOD. There were a lot of plot twists that I didn't expect, but when looking back you could have guess if you were really paying attention. And they left us with a focus for next season. But still -- really mind blowing.

I called up zen_raven to ask if she'd watched it and she hadn't. I mean what is a best friend for if you can't go 'ohmigod!!' after a cool episode like that, huh? I mean, so she's got this house buying thing, but still!

[I'm obviously being non-serious and silly here, just for those who need clarification]

Then since I didn't have enough fun in my life, I gave my cat Mischief a bath. It's entertaining in an amusing way when you have a cat trying to escape the kitchen sink covered to the gills in cat shampoo, and yowling like a baby at the top of her lungs. Sort of like being in the middle of a sitcom, really. The most amusign this is the other cat, who didn't need a bath had to join in the fun and yowl as well, and then half stand, putting her paws on my legs as if to say 'You know, I don't think Misty really likes that whole bath thing." As if I didn't know.

  • Tired.

    Being in the office at 8:30 am means getting up at 5 because I hate traffic and traffic starts at 6:30. Wah. But I did get more Caribou. YOMS.

  • Making orthodontia better

    + ...I have about 4 hours before I can't eat anything that isn't soft...

  • For Lori.

    I hate you pollen. HATE YOU.

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