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To expound on M's statement Saturday night when he said "Hey, we were talking about you last night and a bunch of people said that they were glad that you didn't sit at the table becuase they didn't like taking your money. Not because you're a girl, because we love taking chicks' money, but because they all really like you."

It's totally true. They love taking chicks' money. Some girl sat down at our table after totally getting lucky at another big game (H.O.S.E. which is a mixed game of Hold'em, Omaha, Stud, and Stud 8 or better), and damn if they didn't think of her as fresh meat, and not in the sexual manner either.

Let's keep in mind here that this chick who's sat down is NOT a good player - that's pretty obvious to most of the folks at the table. But, I digress...

In the first couple hands she played, AD (again, an aggressive crazy gus hansen type player) came in to the pot with her holding 10-2 off suit (for those who are new to poker, this hand is AWFUL). Of course, AD knows if he hits, he'll totally get paid off because she cannot put him on that crap hand, as she's never played with him. The rest of us regulars, are always fearful of craptacular flops when Ad's in the hand because in all likelyhood, since it's missed us entirely it means it's hit him full on. Anyway, I believe the flop comes down 10-2-A, and she eventually puts all of her chips in and they get passed right over to AD. I think she had AK or something.

The VERY NEXT HAND (after she buys in for another $400), she raises, AD looks at his hand and sees, guess what, 10-2 off. He says to someone across the table that he has to play this hand (the chick could hear what he said, too). The flop comes down Q-2-8, girl bets, AD calls because he has a pair. The turn is a 2. Girl goes all in, AD, with his trip 2s, of course, calls. Turns out she had QQ. Oops.

So she gets up and moves to the WORST SEAT at the table (if you read my earlier entry, this means she moved directly to the right of AD, who was directly to the right of M, who was to my right). I lean over to AD and said "Oh geez, she has no idea she just moved to the worst seat in the house." AD replied, "I know, and the next time I get a big hand and she's in, I'm going to raise big and she's going to come in just because she's pissed at me and I'm going to take her out. Just so you know." This basically tells me if Ad's raising big, and the girl's in, I'd better have damn good cards because he's not doing his usual raise on anything crap. This isn't collusion, as you could think, as collusion is really two players consipiring to trap other people in and get all their money. AD was just telling me to get out of the way, as I wasn't out to bust this girl, though I would if I got the chance.

M was up eating at this point and didn't hear, so when he did come back from dinner, I basically passed the word on to him, since we're all friends. Again, not collusion, as it was just a heads up that AD had changed his usual game style.

Sure enough a couple hands later, the girl raises it from $10 to $50 pre flop. AD comes in for $50, and M makes it $300 to go (which is an unusually high raise for him). The girl calls, AD drops. Flop comes down Js - 9s - 2s. Girl pushes in, M calls. Turn is a brick, and the river is the 8s. Girl turns over pocket 10s (with the spade), M turns over pocket Aces with the spade, making a higher flush, and busting the chick.

Turns out AD had the 6 and 7 of spades, which, had M just smooth called the $50 raise (as he might have been prone to do otherwise), he would have had a made hand on the flop (with the flush), so when the girl pushed all in, AD would have then come over the top and pushed HIS chips all in, forcing M out of the hand (there's no way M could have called $3500 with a flush on board, even if he had a draw to the nuts). At that point, when the river spade comes down, the 10s that the girl has makes a higher flush and she actually wins the pot.

Again, this was not collusion - it was M wanting to win the pot vs AD winning the pot. If they were colluding, M would not have made it $300 to go pre-flop - he would have smooth called, and kept AD in so that one of them would have a chance of busting her. Then, when the flop comes down, and she pushes all in, AD (had he been in the hand) would not have gone over the top of her, but let M call so that one of the two of them would take her chips. But instead, M doesn't want to give his chips to AD, and AD doesn't want to send chips to M either - thus, no collusion.

But dang if they don't like taking chicks' money.

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