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on valentine's day

Last night at class, we had a whole conversation about how valentines day was somewhat sexist -- how the guys were the ones who generally had to do the worrying about getting the presents and arranging the romantic evening. One of the women piped up and pointed out that it was what you make of it, and she liked to get cards for random people and tell them that she likes them. She even got a card for her hair dresser, because, what better day to tell all the people in your life that you like 'em.

So, inspired by that, I went out to wal-mart last night, and bought a couple packs of those kid-type valentines -- the ones you gave in grade school, although these came with lifesaver lollipops (my FAVORITE). I've put them together and gave the first batch out to the program managers, and the admin assistant and the other networking folks I work with, and it's amazing how such a tiny thing (i spent like $6 on the whole bundle) can make a huge impact in someone's day. I feel all warm and fuzzy good now.

So, happy valentine's day, everyone. I like you.

  • Tired.

    Being in the office at 8:30 am means getting up at 5 because I hate traffic and traffic starts at 6:30. Wah. But I did get more Caribou. YOMS.

  • Making orthodontia better

    + ...I have about 4 hours before I can't eat anything that isn't soft...

  • For Lori.

    I hate you pollen. HATE YOU.

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