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Can you be in love with your life? - Princess — LiveJournal
Can you be in love with your life?
all I can think lately is how much I love my life. Well, more that I'm in love with my life, which is weird, but in some strange way true.

And it has not much to do with 6 days of vacation I started taking Wednesday, though the dog is all about the loving that, as we've been going to 100 acre dog parks every other day.

It might have to do with the Getting Things Done seminar I took a couple weeks ago -- everything I have to do is out of my head and into Outlook and I am not stressing about all these subconsious conflicting reminders of things I have to do.

But, I should learn to follow my dog's lead and go to bed when he does -- he crashes out at 11:15 like clockwork, even going up to his crate to sleep. He's been up there for the last 2 hours, and I should sleep, too. Tomorrow's a dog park day, and a decluttering the basement day, and re-nailing & de-mildewing the deck day.

I also need to buy a new grill, I wonder if they're on clearance yet.
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