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things I don't do often enough - Princess — LiveJournal
things I don't do often enough
It was so nice to sit and spend an entire evening reading. Sure, I didn't get anything done, and I stayed up way too late, but it was so nice to read for reading's sake, and for a longer period of time than just the 5 minutes I need to read so I fall asleep.

If you haven't read Sharon Shinn, you should; her Archangel series is good, as is the book I just read, Summers at Auburn

On another note; I should have just gotten up when I woke up on my own at 5:30; when I went back to sleep I had a strange dream about the roof of a house I owned leading and hold were rotting through and it was going to cost $35,000 to fix and I didn't have that. And the house wasn't the house I own now. But it was weird.

Current Mood: peaceful peaceful
Current Music: washing machine washin'

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