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So many things made me smile yesterday - Princess — LiveJournal
So many things made me smile yesterday
I think I'm addicted to the new Cinnamon Swirl Lattes from Caribou Coffee. I can't stop myself from getting one daily!


Yesterday, when picking up the books I had reserved at the library, the very cute (and very jailbait) librarian guy chatted me up, asked me how the weather was, and cleared out my $0.25 overdue fine without telling me, and just smiled at me as I went on my way.

And in the lobby, where they have the constant 'Friends of the Library' sale, there were a bunch of ex-"Hot Reads" hardback books on sale for $1. One of them was a book I'd been eyeing to check out as a Hot Read but never could put as a priority to finish it within the week. So, I picked it up for a buck, and I will read it and then set it free as a bookcrossing book.


The Illini whomped Indiana, 80-56, which always makes me happy


I finished putting together one of my end tables, and then went around re-arranging my bedroom to prepare it to fit the other end table. I need to get used to the new look, but I love the new furniture.


I think I am missing some things that made me happy but I'm forgetting them.

[update] Oh, I remembered -- I spoil my dog mercilessly. I was shopping in the pet store and bought him an Expensive kennel pad, one that would survive his tendancies to chew, and also prevent the pre-callouses on his elbows. Of course, the kennel pad, like anything new and different, scared the bejeezus out of him for hours, and he didn't quite want to go into his crate anymore. Silly thing.

What makes YOU happy?
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cider From: cider Date: February 26th, 2003 10:24 am (UTC) (Link)
Happy list...

1) The fact that I've discovered a new favorite recipe (my orange roughy was soooo tasty!)

2) I'm having a cute day.

3) I've lost 7.5 pounds. :)

4) I go on vacation tomorrow!

5) I get paid Friday!

6) Sting on my radio presently. Ahhh, Sting.

7) Took care of all my errands already, so I get to relax somewhat tonight (aside from packing and tidying)...

8) OH! I HAVE THE CHANCE TO MEET YOU! I'm going to be up in Chicago March 14th-18th!

How about them apples? ;)
maigrey From: maigrey Date: February 26th, 2003 11:21 am (UTC) (Link)
7.5 lbs! Wow! You go, girl! That's awesome! There's a run on the exclamation point store!

And wow, you will be in town for my BIRTHDAY! That means we will definitely have to do SOMETHING, and you can't get away without meeting me. Perhaps we should do High Tea downtown or the like. ;) There's a run on the CAPITAL LETTERS, too!
cider From: cider Date: February 26th, 2003 11:36 am (UTC) (Link)



I'll have to talk to my cousin Keith about it, but I'm sure he wouldn't care if I passed along his cell number to you so we could meet up.

I'm actually taking a girl to Chicago for her Spring Break. She's like my little sister (she's 18)...but yeah, totally have to meet.

And high tea would rock the casbah, man. And it's your birthday! So much of the happy fun!
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