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I need an OtherMe.

Uses for an OtherMe:
"I have to use the facilites. OtherMe! You go take care of that!"
"OtherMe, go do the laundry whilst I sleep."
"Hey, OtherMe, go to this meeting while I go for HaagenDaas!"

Me: " You're just enslaving yourself! Plus, you get to use the word 'whilst', and how can you turn that down?"
lisabelle: "It's totally guilt-free, 'cause you're not making somebody ELSE do your dirty work."

These are the things that happen when two copies of yourself appear in a buggy AIM chat room, and you've been on conference calls straight through since 8 am.

But I really really want an OtherMe, cuz I'd rather be sleeping than on these calls.
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