Sound Byte (maigrey) wrote,
Sound Byte

randomness x 9

Hokay. I'm off to a wedding reception now, cha cha cha, but before i go, some randomness:

  1. I look really hawt in burgundy velvet

  2. I need to find some double sided tape to keep my bra straps from showing

  3. I skipped the wedding but am going to the reception (I desperately needed the a) sleep b) time to work with the dog c) time around the house and d) hate having 2.5 hours between wedding and reception being all dressed up with nothing to do)

  4. My dog is grounded.

  5. No, really, grounded. I think escaping 3 times constitutes grounding. Although he seems to be mostly grounding himself by staying in the crates and not eating much.

  6. But grounding also means that he has to wear his leash most of the day and stay by me, because I AM THE BOSS!

  7. And we're going to spend 5 minutes 3 times a day (for a total of 15 min, for those of you who hate math) working on his obedience.

  8. Did I mention I look hawt in burgundy velvet?

  9. I love getting christmas voicemails on my cellphone. Too bad I didn't notice it until I got back to chicago where I actually have service.

I hope you and yours are all doing well. xoxo
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