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H E L P! Yearly Suggestion Request... - Princess — LiveJournal
H E L P! Yearly Suggestion Request...
Last year's request for book titles for my sister was an amazing smash hit -- she's raved about the books I got her, and requested more of the same for her birthday/Christmas. So, again, I call on the LJ brain trust for some help here in the recommendations.

My sister likes books that are on a level with the (now-defunct) Oprah's book club. She doesn't go in for Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Tom Clancy type novels, so those would be bad recommendations.

Poll #83044 Birthday Novels

Recommend me a book to purchase for my sister:

for my later benefit: suggestion list

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iresprite From: iresprite Date: December 12th, 2002 08:03 am (UTC) (Link)

to clarify

The River Why is a book about this fishing prodigy who is the son of two incredible fishers. The father is a fly fisherman and the mother is an expert with a rod. Rod fishermen and fly fishermen have this rivalry, I guess, and it comes out in a humorous way in this novel.

The focus of this book is the young man's life and how it revolves around fishing- and how his spirituality kind of arises from that. It's a really beautiful look at life. There is a bit of magic realism to the book, I think, or something like it. I really thought it was some of the most beautiful writing I'd read in a long time.
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