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Excuse me, I think my motivation took a wrong turn

Man, I am utterly exhausted. This whole sick thing has seriously screwed up my sleep schedule -- I want to sleep at 5 pm, because I'm drained, but then I end up sleeping for two hours because I’m just That Tired, and of course I'm not sleepy when it gets to be 11 pm, or midnight, or 1 am. This means the cycle just goes on and on and on and I'm tired in the morning and exhausted at 5 pm and have to sleep, and round and round the crazy sleep schedule we go.

It's not going to stop until the weekend, either, because I'm just That Busy. Plus, I'm a wimp and want to hang out with my friends so won't cancel my social engagements. So, my own fault, really. I'm tempted to start bringing benedryl with me so I can take that *right* as I'm leaving the social stuff, and it won't kick in until a half hour after I get home. But, probably not the greatest of ideas.

On a really good note, I weighed in last night for my 10 lbs off by thanksgiving day challenge (see 10byturkey if you're interested in participating -- we'll have other challenges after turkey day but you don't have to wait! ), and I came in at 10.6 lbs off! I made it! Of course, now the challenge is to find something else to challenge me so I don't re-gain that 10 lbs. I'm heading for 15 lbs by thanksgiving, and 20 by the end of the year.

I did manage to straighten out my quicken and get some meeting minutes prepared; now I just have to follow up on those. I'm probably going to head home around 3:30; my sore throat seems to be threatening again, and (see above) I'm exhausted.
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