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working in my jammies - Princess — LiveJournal
working in my jammies
I have one goal today, and that is to fill out the 10 or so key work partner feedback forms that people have asked me to fill out for their quarterly reviews.

In order to do that, I've cancelled all the morning meetings that I've scheduled, and I'm plopped at home in front of the computer, logged into work in my black watch flannel housepants, my favorite comfy t-shirt (a beware the penguins budweiser one -- which, gucky is probably my all-time favorite ad in the world), and a headband. The dog's being mildly quiet, now that he realizes my conference call is over and making noise won't matter. I suppose it's better than him digging in the dirt so he walks in with clods of mud in his paws.

I adore working from home. I wouldn't want to do it every day, as I do make a difference , even if it's just talking with people and letting them gripe, because then I go work on removing their roadblocks, which I can't do from home.

Of course, I haven't started on these evals, and I still have more conference calls to be on as well. But I might as well start now, eh?

Current Mood: busy busy

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