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I have no clever name for this to-do list - Princess — LiveJournal
I have no clever name for this to-do list

  • requote Cisco costs for Tony

  • status report to Tony
  • update chec webpage -- email Judy

  • send email out about BCS MOU

  • screw water inlet back onto hose, and tighten tank nuts, test flush valve replacement
  • clip kitty nails

  • install key hook shelf

  • write presentation for Cisco ops review
  • do dishes
  • call vet
  • call cleaners
  • return library books
  • clean kitty box

  • take out trash
  • change furnace filter

send out agendas
get cisco issues from staff
buy cloth washers for the dang toilet, and try again
buy 14x25x1 furnace filters, exchange the 16x20 ones that, go figure, don't FIT
buy more of zee hot boy vanilla rum
buy a deodorizing stickup thing

Current Mood: dreading this next training session

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