June 3rd, 2008

primary butterflies

del.icio.us posts for 2008-06-03

  • Picasa2Flickr Uploads Picasa Photos Directly to Flickr
    The free Picasa2Flickr plug-in uploads photos from image-editing application Picasa to photo-sharing web application Flickr at the press of a button.
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  • Seven Ways to Be a Better Delegator
    Yet even though we know this, most of us have trouble actually doing it. Many people think they're the exception to the rule -- that delegating is important, but in their very unique, particular case, it's impossible. Newsflash: It's never impossible t
    tags: career productivity management work post:lj
  • Goosh.org Unix-like Google Command Line
    Goosh.org, which bills itself "the unofficial google shell," puts a Unix-like command line interface to Google on a web page using the magic of Ajax.
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