April 14th, 2008

snakes on a plane

What a crazy weekend!

Friday - chicagocard is out of money, have to pay cash, my transfer bus broke down, so I decide to walk home, it starts raining and I manage to lose my blackberry case.

Saturday - Rainy, crappy day, and I manage to throw my back out again. I do however watch The Holiday which was terribly cute and made me even remember why we liked Jude Law

Sunday - manage to lose $40 out of my coat pocket while walking to reload my chicagocard, spend some time at starbucks and head back home. Watch more movies while nursing my trick back

Monday - Run to catch the bus, realize that oh MY COMPUTER ISN'T IN THERE, get off a block later, go into work.

... hopefully things go a little better for the rest of the week.