January 5th, 2008

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  • 23:17 In chicago! Flew over arlington heights and waved to motorola #
  • 00:27 Omg there is a sephora in my hotel! #
  • 15:13 Tea at the drake! Sooo good. #
  • 15:43 Do you know that all the tea servers are male?? #
  • 19:04 Big bowl, oh how I missed thee #
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Chicago trip (so far)

We're staying in the NAR hotel, which is the Conrad Hotel.  We got in about 11 pm after we had a delay due to a late airplane, and managed to find our way to the hotel on the 5th floor, after me ogling the fact that the hotel was attached to a Nordstroms. joycehull managed to come down with a cold, so we called our experts to find out what pregnant people can take for colds, and asked the front desk where the nearest drugstore was.  On our quest for cold relief, we found out that the hotel is not only attached to Nordstroms, but is above a Sephora and an Ethel's Chocolate Lounge. Breakfast for tomorrow was found!  There's also a "pet comfort" station with treats and bags downstairs, which still surprises me every time I walk by.

Turns out the walgreens two or three buildings down happened to be the same Walgreens that I had bought hose at for my interview and we passed the NAR building on the 3 minute walk to Walgreens!  I had no idea it was that close.

This morning (Saturday), we got up at 8 am after a restless night's sleep - Joyce because she had a cold and was congested, and me because it was insanely hot in the room and Joyce had a cold and she was congested which means breathing is loud. :)

We wandered down to Ethel's and had tea because the espresso machine was still warming up, and then headed out with Linda, the most awesome realtor and looked at places in the south loop.  They ran the gamut from Townhouse to High rise to Low rise, and there were two that I liked and one I absolutely loved; the one I loved will probably not be on the market by the time I'm ready to buy, however, sigh.

We looked at 10 houses from 9:30 am - 2 pm, and then decided to head up to The Drake Hotel for high tea.  Oh my gosh, the food was so good.  The sandwiches were light and very tasty, and the rest was lovely too.  They even had a decaf earl grey for the pregnant chick.

After tea, we wandered back down Michigan Avenue, and stopped by the Lush store in Water Tower Place to pick up some solid shampoos which we can take through security without worrying about them fitting into a quart sized bag.  Crate and Barrel was also on the list, as I'd made Joyce pack into a carry-on and we couldn't bring anything home as we didn't have enough space in our luggage. 

We made it back to our hotel room and relaxed for a bit, and as we were starting to get hungry and think about ideas for dinner when the turn-down service came in and was so incredibly helpful - she noticed that Joyce had a cold and asked if she wanted the hotel's free pillow menu and she'd have a "cold and flu fighter" pillow sent up, and did we need any more amenities [of course we did, they're molton brown!], and I mentioned we could use more lotion; she stocked us up with the super size ones!   I love this hotel.

We decided to hit Big Bowl for dinner, which was a block or so away, and it was yummy.  I had a pomegranate fruity alcoholic beverage, and Joyce had a passion fruit ginger ale, and a sampling of appetizers for dinner.  I had my favorite, the coconut chicken curry.  YOM.  After the yommy dinner, we got back and checked out the spiffy pillow.  It was so cool, I got myself a relaxing lavender one and I feel so swanky.

We're now relaxing, watching WTTW and the Carol Burnett special, and probably going to bed at a super early hour of 10 pm even though we don't have to be back on the house hunting trail until 11 am tomorrow.  But we're tuckered.