December 30th, 2007

KH - past in a box

Outlook is the slowest program everrr...

Of course it might help if I updated it to SP3, but I believe that broke my system earlier, so I'm back at SP1 in order to process my email, but I think I might just have to give up on that at this point and go home and update the system.

Current geek toys/software I'm futzing with:
iwantsandy - a personal assistant; it doesn't sync to outlook or gcal though, so I'm not sure how truly useful this is other than reminders.
twittercal - a twitter hook into google calendar.
CompanionLink - a syncronizing product to sync LotusNotes (among about 10 other things) to Google Calendar - a voice-to-text service that will let you post to livejournal/blogger, get house prices through, and even look up amazon prices.