December 5th, 2007

KH - moments in between

So I never got around to writing up my holiday plans...

... which would involve me saying quite a bit about how much joycehull rocks. Srsly.

I decided to take my car into the shop on Tuesday, the day I was planning on driving down to NC, as my brakes were squeaking, and the oil needed to be changed. Also, the spring on the gas cap needed to be fixed, because while needing two people to open the gas hatch works perfectly fine in NJ where it's mandatory full service, it does not work so well in the other 48 states where this is not the case.

Joyce checked up on me to see how my packing was, and offered to drive me to the car place when my car was done, though my car place is awesome enough to offer drop off and pickup service (which is awesome), but as I was mostly done packing and was just waiting for the car I said that if she wanted to come hang out with me, that would be totally cool and welcome. So she did.

Of course then I get a notification that there's a package in for me, and it is, of course, the blackberry that I've been waiting to come in. She was totally awesome enough to drive me out to work so I could retrieve the cracky goodness, even though by the time we picked it up, it was basically time to get the car (which needed new rear brakes, siiiiigh) after a pit stop at mcdonalds to get a happy meal, as her appetite had finally made an appearance after being AWOL all morning.

Upon which she drove me to pick up my car and we headed for the airport.

She ALSO rocks because not only did she agree to pick my butt up from the airport at 11 am on Monday, she also offered crash space at her place last night so she could drive me to the airport at 7:45 am this morning, AND made sure the bed had a foamy thing and there was stuff in the shower, etc etc. Plus, she is you know, funny and stuff too.

She is The AWESOME. You all should have a friend like her :D

p.s. - joyce, don't worry, I'm still hetero ;)
KH - moments in between


One great thing about long plane flights is that it gives me a chance to clear out my inbox... 1000+ emails down, only 1 left in my inbox. AWESOME.

... however it helps to charge your battery the night before. Although, this gives me a chance to condition the battery...
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