March 13th, 2007

KH - past in a box

March 7 - more snow

March 7I ended up staying home from work today since, due to the snow and icing conditions, there was an accident on the highway right into work. I could have taken the back roads, but why bother?
KH - serious love

Five Men you need in your life

For Gracie, Stolen Shamelessly from The Sweet Potato Queens' Book of Love:

The Basic Five are these: (1) A man who can fix things, (2) A man you can dance with, (3) a man who can pay for things, (4) a man you can talk to, and (5) a man to have great sex with.  As I said, this is the rudimentary team you need to form, according to our sage adviser.  Certainly other functions can be added to suit your more refined tastes [Ed Note, I add (6) a guy who makes you howl with laughter], but with this starting lineup, you can at least avoid abject misery.


The great news is that four out of the five men can be gay!