March 1st, 2007


February 22 - productivity

February 22Lent is good for the soul, really. I decided to give up the internet for Lent in the evenings, and for my first project, decided to take this mess and balance my checkbook (which hadn't been done since September) and go through the first batch of mail.

This is the result. Plus, a lighter conscience.
KH - bee

February 23 - wobbly moon

February 23This is the "Oh darn, I forgot to take a picture while at Vaughn's family gaming night!" picture. I took one on the way home, in an attempt to get a picutre of the gorgeous hunters moon, but my camera has no image stabilization, so it didn't really work all that well...
KH - birds

February 24 - craps tilt

February 24Game night at Manalapan!

I finally got Perudo, but it was a used copy and the dice are not really up to par, sadly. The game is super fun, though - I'm a little miffed that V made his own copy for about $5 at the dollar store.  Harumph.