February 16th, 2007

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February 4 - superbowl

February 4This is where I watched the Bears embarrass themselves.

Even a higher power couldn't help them.

My rector is, however, still amazingly funny and sweet and made me feel super welcome.

Too bad I kind of hate going to choir because of the choir director...

February 3 - make your own game!

February 3It was meetup boardgaming day again - and Kat even came!  Word games were on tap, although we did get to play Vaughn's bastardized version of Die Sieben Siegel.

Also, this began the escapade of the traveling pants, as Kat left her jeans in my car. Whee!
giant in a small world - counterglow

February 5 - there's no place like home

February 5Some days, you just need cute shoes to help you through the day. I put these on since things were blowing up before I even woke up this morning and I needed some cute shoes to get me through the day.

I find it a little disturbing that my male boss commented on how much he liked them about 4 times during the day.